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Publication Ethic

The Journal of Tropical Environment Geography (JGLITrop) follows the instructions of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in all matters relating to publication ethics. This journal has adapted COPE to meet high ethical standards aimed at editors, reviewers, and writers. The publisher has no right to interfere in the integrity of the contents of the writing and is only responsible for periodic and timely publishing.

For editors

  1. The editor is responsible for all articles published in JGLITrop.
  2. The editor must ensure that the writer follows the JGLITrop writing rules.
  3. Editors can communicate with other editors and reviewers in making final decisions
  4. The editor must evaluate the manuscript objectively, regardless of aspects of citizenship, ethnicity, political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, gender, seniority, or affiliation of the author's institution.
  5. The editor must reject the assignment when there is a potential conflict of interest
  6. Editors need to ensure that documents sent to reviewers  do not contain information about the author, and vice versa.
  7. The editors' decision must be submitted to the author accompanied by the response of the reviewers, except for responses that are personally offensive or defamatory.
  8. The editor must respect requests from authors who reject certain individuals to evaluate the manuscript as long as the reasons are acceptable.
  9. The editor and all staff must ensure the confidentiality of all submitted manuscripts
  10. If there are suspected acts of writing violations and authorship conflicts, editors can follow the guidelines in the COPE flow chart in overcoming authorship conflicts.

For reviewers

  1. Reviewers need to pay attention to possible violations of research and publishing ethics.
  2. Reviewers are expected to be able to work within the allotted time, and must be able to provide information to the editor if they are unable to meet predetermined data deadlines.
  3. Reviewers must be able to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript.
  4. Reviewers should not accept manuscripts that have the potential to create a conflict of interest with the authors

For writers

  1. The author must be able to ensure that the manuscript has never been published or the granting of rights to the article to other parties
  2. The author must ensure the success of his work and follow the rules of citation
  3. The author must not be involved in plagiarism or auto-plagiarism
  4. The author must follow the JGLITrop writing procedures that have been determined
  5. The author must be able to provide information and data related to his research, if there is doubt from the editor of the data and the research framework.

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